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Operating procedures for potato storage and preservation

Operating procedures for potato storage and preservationPotatoes are the fourth most important food crop in the world, second only to wheat, rice, and corn. 1 Potato storage characteristics1. Variety and storage resistancePotatoes can be divided into five categories based on maturity: extremely ear

Introduction to the 3000 square meter fruit preservation cold storage project:

Introduction to the 3000 square meter fruit preservation cold storage project:This project is a cold storage construction project with an area of 3000 square meters and a height of 6 meters.Build a 3000 square meter fruit and vegetable refrigeration and preservation warehouse in the existing steel s HOWCOOL specializes in providing various cold storage engineering projects, including design, construction, and installation. And exported to various parts of the world. We can provide cold storage projects with a single project capacity of less than 10000 tons, with temperatures ranging from+20 ℃ to -80 ℃. We can build various export projects for food refrigeration, fruit and vegetable preservation, seafood quick freezing, cold chain logistics, etc.

Cold Chain Technology Guarantee for Flowers

Cold storage methods for fresh flowers:1、 Hypobaric storage and high pressure preservationHypobaric storage is the process of placing flowers and plants in a closed warehouse, using a vacuum pump to extract most of the air, reducing the internal pressure to about 10kPa, creating a low oxygen environ

600T Cold storage project of food company

600t cold storageA food company mainly produces all kinds of fruit jam and canned food. Our company built a 600 ton cold storage project for the company, designed 6 cold storage rooms, with the temperature of 0-5 ℃ and - 18~- 25 ℃. The single cold storage adopts independent units, with an area of 40

Freshness keeping technology of fresh cut flowers

1. What are the preservation methods for cut flowersThe lifespan of flowers is very short, mostly within a week, and shorter in summer. Especially flowers like roses will wither in about two days.How to keep roses fresh and long-lasting:"You can cut one branch of the bottom branch of a rose flower a

Tangerine 1000m3 cold storage (QUZHOU) construction solution study case

Requirements: Our client estimate to build 1000 m3 CA. Cold storage for store Tangerine, which include 2 CA. Cold storage and 1 cold room. Temperature range: 0~5℃. Duration requirement: one month.Project material: PU-150 double side of steels insulation panels, refrigeration equipment: Compeland scr

6000 cubic meter CA. Cold storage study case(XINJIANG)

The name of project: 6000 cubic meter CA. Cold storage(0-5℃) The dimensions of CA. Cold storage: 47.2m*34.8m*3.5m; Storage area:1643m2 /5749m3 . Divide into 6 rooms: Each of room is 11.8m*17.4m*3.5m, 205m2 / 229m3 .(Due to the the limitation of controlled Atmosphere cold storage equipment, the volum

6000 m³ CA. Cold Storage Project

Dimension Total :47.2m*34.8m*3.5m ,1643 ㎡/5749m³ 。Divided into 6 roomsSingle : 11.8m*17.4m*3.5m,205 ㎡/229m³Temp.:0-5℃ CA. Cold Storaege project,Construction period:90 daysRefrigeration Equipment: CA. equipment + Hanbell screw parallel Unit Project Overview:1. The cold storage project is equipped w

1000 tons CA. Cold Storage

Capacity:1000 tonsSize:55*18*4.5m Divided in to 12 partition room Application: Strawberry

2000 tons CA. Cold Storage Project

2000 tons CA.(Controlled Atmosphere) Storage Project for Fruits Customer Background: Customers are mainly engaged in vegetable and fruit production.Application:Mainly store grapes, peppers, potatoes, onions, apples and so on. Project Description: We have built 12 CA. refrigerators for this customer.

CA. cold storage

CA cold storage, also known as controlled atmosphere storage, is the most advanced fresh-keeping storage method of fruits and vegetables. On the basis of refrigeration, it increases the regulation of gas composition. By controlling the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen concentration and

2000 tons food cold storage

2000 tons food cold storage2000 Tons Food cold storage Location : shanghai Project Description:Capacity:We built 2000 tons fresh-keeping warehousing for our customers. The height of the cold storage : 6 meters Design temperature : 0-10 ℃Equipment Configuration: 2 parallel screw compressor units, air

2000 tons vegetable Cold Storage

Project Name: 2000 tons Vegetable Cold Storage Customer Background: Customers mainly dealing with various kinds of vegetables and fruits, The cold storage ,which divided into five chambers.,Mainly store all kinds of fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, apples, peppers, eggplants, mushrooms and

800 tons Fruit cold storage Project

800 tons Fruit Cold Storage Project1、Dimension:70* 8 *6.5 meters .2、The design temperature :0-8 ℃,3、Equipment Configuration: Cold storage door (2.2*2.8m) + Reciprocating compressor unit 4、Construction Time:The project was completed after 30 days of installation.5、Application:The cold storage mainly

1200 tosn Cold Storage for fruit and vegetable

Cold Storage of 8000m3 Fruit and Vegetable BaseCustomer Background: Mainly engaged in vegetable and fruit planting and storage, the design uses steel structure as the main body, divided into seven rooms, the temperature is pre-cooling room, refrigeration room, sorting and processing room. The height

Beijing fruit center

Beijing 1000m2 Fruit Processing and Storage CenterCustomer Background: Customers mainly deal in all kinds of fruits. The cold storage is divided into seven rooms, which store different kinds of fruits at a design temperature of 0-8 ℃. The humidity ranges from 75% to 90%. The height of the cold stora


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