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Introduction to the 3000 square meter fruit preservation cold storage project:

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Introducing Our 3000 Square Meter Fruit Preservation Cold Storage Project:

Our latest venture is a state-of-the-art cold storage construction project, spanning an impressive 3000 square meters with a height of 6 meters. This project is a cold storage construction project with an area of 3000 square meters and a height of 6 meters.

Build a 3000 square meter fruit and vegetable refrigeration and preservation warehouse in the existing steel structure factory building. 3000 square meters are divided into 6 independent cold storage rooms, each with 2 refrigeration units. The ground adopts XPS100 thick insulation layer and reinforced concrete, and undergoes polishing, polishing, and solidification process to ensure a clean ground. And equipped with low-temperature unloading platforms, video monitoring, and temperature remote alarm functions. The refrigeration unit adopts environmentally friendly Freon. The power consumption of the entire cold storage is 250KW. 380-415V/3-phase 50Hz power supply.

We're proud to share that this extensive project will be fully completed within a remarkable 60-day timeframe.

Project use: After the renovation of this project is completed, it can store fruits, flowers, and vegetables. The temperature can be controlled within the range of -5~+10 ℃, and the temperature can be freely adjusted and controlled. It can also control humidity, with a humidity range of 95-80%. It can meet the storage needs of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. By using this technology, the storage time of fruits and flowers can be doubled.

The following are on-site construction pictures

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Cold storage scheme diagram




Installation of food cold storage


cold storagecold storage

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