1200 tosn Cold Storage for fruit and vegetable

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Cold Storage of 8000m3 Fruit and Vegetable Base

Customer Background: Mainly engaged in vegetable and fruit planting and storage, the design uses steel structure as the main body, divided into seven rooms, the temperature is pre-cooling room, refrigeration room, sorting and processing room. The height of the cold storage is 5.5 meters. Size 72*22*5.5 meters. Main Storage: Tomatoes, Onions

Main engine: Bizel piston parallel compressor + evaporative cooling + cooling fan insulation board thickness PU-150 mm. platform width 5 meters

Construction time: 80 days

Cold-Storage-cad3 Cold-Storage-cad4-1024x516 Cold-Storage-cad6
Cold-Storage-cad5 Cold-Storage-cad2 Cold-Storage-cad1


Cold-Storage3 Cold-Storage7 Cold-Storage9 Cold-Storage4
Cold-Storage-14 Cold-Storage-12 Cold-Storage8 Cold-Storage10

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