Cold Chain Technology Guarantee for Flowers

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Cold storage methods for fresh flowers:

Temperature controlled storage and preservation

It can be divided into simple storage and cold storage. Simple storage and preservation is to use local natural conditions to create suitable temperature and humidity for fresh flowers and green plants, achieving the purpose of fresh flowers and green plants. The disadvantage is that humidity is not easy to control; In addition, pay attention to ventilation. Refrigeration and preservation refers to the installation of refrigeration mechanical equipment in a warehouse with good heat insulation performance, and the control of temperature, humidity, and ventilation in the warehouse according to the requirements of different types of flowers and green plants to achieve the purpose of fresh flowers and green plants. It is currently one of the most important storage methods for flowers and green plants.

Cold storage temperature of flowers

1、 Characteristics of flowers themselves

(1) It is not resistant to extrusion and is vulnerable to damage and corrosion. Compared with other fresh agricultural products, fresh flowers are more resistant to extrusion, resulting in damage to the quality of the flowers after extrusion, and there is a phenomenon of rotten petals in the pressed flowers, accelerating the decay of the flowers. Therefore, the first characteristic of flowers is that they are not resistant to extrusion and are vulnerable to damage and decay.

(2) Short shelf life and high loss. More than 70% of fresh cut flowers in China come from Yunnan. The flower vase planting period in Yunnan is generally about 5-7 days. The vase insertion period refers to the time during which the end user can purchase flowers and insert them into the vase for viewing. Therefore, the bottle insertion period is not long and the shelf life is short.

 Cold storage of flowers

In addition, during the circulation process, the loss rate of flowers is between 5% and 20%. Why is the loss so high?

The main reason is that most of our flower planting is carried out on a small scale by individuals, and there are few large-scale planting bases. As a result, we use manual operations during the process of picking and production, which leads to excessive consumption.

(3) High requirements for heat preservation and moisture preservation. The storage temperature of fresh flowers is between 2-8 ° C, and the humidity requirement is around 75%. Improper storage can accelerate the decay of flowers.

(4) Low degree of standardization. Due to the fact that our flower planting is basically individual planting, with varying levels and relatively simple production and processing conditions, the standardization level of flowers is very low.

Therefore, these characteristics of flowers also determine the operational difficulty of the flower supply chain, which is higher than that of ordinary fresh agricultural products.

Cold Chain Processing Technology for Fresh Flowers

 Cold storage of flowers

Fresh keeping of flowers

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