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Cold chain logistics cold storage construction project

Cold chain logistics cold storage construction projectCustomer background: The customer is mainly engaged in the cold chain logistics and warehousing business, providing all kinds of seafood refrigeration and freezing business. This time, 20000 tons of cold storage project will be constructed. A sin

5000 ton refrigerated warehouse under customs supervision

5000 ton refrigerated warehouse under customs supervisionProject background: The project is a the Belt and Road customs logistics port supervision cold storage. The first phase is designed to build 5000 tons, and the second phase is designed to build 100000 tons. It covers an area of 220 hectares. T

3000m2 logistics cold storage project

Project background: Design and build 3000 square meters of fresh-keeping and processing cold storage for customers, with a height of 7 meters. The design temperature is 2-8 degrees, and shelves are used to store goods in the warehouse. The refrigeration equipment is Freon environmental friendly refr

2500t logistics cold storage project

2500t logistics cold storage project location: ChinaProject Description: reconstruction of low temperature cold storage project in the original plant. The area is 2000 square meters and the height is 7 meters. Design temperature: – 18 ℃ ~ – 25 ℃, unloading platform. The refrigeration unit adopts scr

6000 SQM agriculture cold chain warehouse construction solution in XINJIANG

1. our client estimate to build 24 sets cold storage in total,each of the cold room has the area 210 SQM, with 9m height(-18℃~5℃). .2. PC Center controlled management;3. Select energy saving solution, under budget control.4. Satisfy user requirement standard(USR) documents. Project introduction 1.

50000m³ Cold Chain logistics Cold Storage

50000m³ Cold Chain logistics Cold Storage Project 1. Category:cold chain logistics cold storage (low temperature freezer) 2. Location:Wuhan,Hubei Province3. Duration:Stage I :90 days Stage II :50 days4. Project summary: Wuhan Xinpu Fruit is a logistics company engaged in the storage of fruit and me

5000 tons logistics Cold Storage

Logistics Center Cold Storage ProjectCustomers Background : They are mainly engaged in cold chain logistics transportation, Capacity : 5000 tons of cold storage project.Parameter :The height is 5.5 meters. The design temperature is 0-10 ℃, -18-25 ℃Equipment Configuration:Bitzer parallel unit, air co

5000 Tons Project

Tianjin – 5000 Tons Low Temperature Cold Storage ProjectCustomer Situation: Mainly for the refrigeration storage of goods in Tianjin Port.Project information: Storage tonnage 5000 tons, covering an area of 2500 square meters, 75 m long, 20 m wide, 10 m high, design temperature – 18 – 25 ℃. Structure

10000 tons Cold chain Project

10,000 tons cold chain logistics center projectThe cold chain logistics center covers an area of 6000 square meters, 1、Dimension: 120 × 50 × 12 meters . 2、Application: fresh fruits and food, logistics and distribution center, 3、Equipment Configuration: Bitzer screw parallel units + air coolers Eva

Fresh Flower cold storage

Fresh Flower Preservation RefrigeratorCustomer Background: Customers are mainly engaged in flower sales. We build 1000 square meters high and 4 meters fresh-keeping Center for them. The design temperature is 2-8 ℃ and humidity is 80%-95%. We provide insulation board, door, refrigeration equipment, l

45000 sqm logistics distribution center project

The logistics distribution center project of Yining northwest international logistics park is located in the Northwest Logistics Park New Area of bayandai Town, with a total investment of 150 million yuan. It was started in May last year and constructed in three phases. The construction of phase I a


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