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6000 cubic meter CA. Cold storage study case(XINJIANG)

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The name of project: 6000 cubic meter CA. Cold storage(0-5)


The dimensions of CA. Cold storage: 47.2m*34.8m*3.5m; Storage area:1643m2 /5749m3 .

Divide into 6 rooms: Each of room is 11.8m*17.4m*3.5m, 205m2 / 229m3 .(Due to the the limitation of controlled Atmosphere cold storage equipment, the volume of single room can not larger than 1500m3 .


Introduction of the project

The refrigeration system equipped an Hanbell parallel screw refrigeration compressor unit. The unit increasing the heat exchange effectivity, saving energy use. The refrigeration system adopted direct expansion , PLC temperature control solution generate the high functional solution of cold storage.

To aim at higher requirements of air impermeability. The project adopted high quality insulation panels, and air impervious liner adopts "three rubbers and two cloths" to strengthen the air impermeability as well. The CA. System adopts pressure swing adsorption nitrogen deoxidizer, high-efficiency screw air compressor, nitrogen gas storage tank, carbon dioxide removal machine, cycle detection and control system, etc.




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