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50000m³ Cold Chain logistics Cold Storage

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50000m³ Cold Chain logistics Cold Storage Project

1. Category:cold chain logistics cold storage (low temperature freezer)

2. Location:Wuhan,Hubei Province

3. Duration:Stage I :90 days  Stage II :50 days

4. Project summary: Wuhan Xinpu Fruit is a logistics company engaged in the storage of fruit and meat food. In order to expand the business, it is necessary to build a 50,000m³ cold chain logistics cold storage (low temperature freezer). After our technology and Wuhan Xinpu Fruit have communicated and discussed repeatedly. Based on our years of construction experience, combined with the actual production needs of customers, we plan and design a personalized cold storage construction scheme.

4.1 Cold storage is built on the entire three floors of the project. In order to use the larger second and third floors as temperature-variable warehouses (double-temperature cold storage construction), the cold storage on the first floor can be freely switched between 0-5 degrees and -18 degrees. The whole project Built for two phases.

4.2 The walls, columns and roof of the cold chain logistics cold storage (low temperature freezer) project are sprayed with polyurethane with a thermal insulation thickness of 100mm, a foaming density of 38±1kg/m³ at 200mm, and self-extinguishing from the fire in 3~5 seconds. The partition board and column are made of color steel plate to protect the insulation thickness of 100mm/steel plate thickness of 0.426mm, foam density of 38±2kg/m³, including flame retardant.

4.3 Cold chain logistics Cold storage (low temperature freezer) refrigeration equipment adopts Bitzer semi-Hermetic screw triple parallel unit, 12 sets  ceiling-type high-efficiency Evaporator are used for cooling fans, and domestic first-line brands are used for electrical auxiliary materials.

1. Project Finished:in 2020 and delivered to customer

Customer introduction: Wuhan Xinpu Cold Chain Co., Ltd. was established on March 26, 2010. The company’s business scope includes: fruit and vegetable cultivation, acquisition and sales; food production, processing and sales; warehousing, logistics, online sales, pre-packaged food sales (not including refrigerated and frozen food), etc.

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