5000 Tons Project

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Tianjin – 5000 Tons Low Temperature Cold Storage Project

Customer Situation: Mainly for the refrigeration storage of goods in Tianjin Port.

Project information: Storage tonnage 5000 tons, covering an area of 2500 square meters, 75 m long, 20 m wide, 10 m high, design temperature – 18 – 25 ℃. Structure type: steel structure + thermal insulation + refrigeration construction period: steel structure 120 days + refrigeration 95 days

Refrigeration System: Bizel Screw Parallel Unit + Evaporative Condenser + Cooler+R507

Warehouse insulation: PU150mm portal size: 2200*3000

Control mode: automatic + manual unloading platform width 6 meters

Low-Temperature-Cold-Storage-Project Low-Temperature-Cold-Storage-Project1

Low-Temperature-Cold-Storage-Project2 Low-Temperature-Cold-Storage-Project6
Low-Temperature-Cold-Storage-Project8 Low-Temperature-Cold-Storage-Project7
Low-Temperature-Cold-Storage-Project9 Low-Temperature-Cold-Storage-Project10
Low-Temperature-Cold-Storage-Project12 Low-Temperature-Cold-Storage-Project13-1
Low-Temperature-Cold-Storage-Project16 3


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