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45000 sqm logistics distribution center project

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The logistics distribution center project of Yining northwest international logistics park is located in the Northwest Logistics Park New Area of bayandai Town, with a total investment of 150 million yuan. It was started in May last year and constructed in three phases. The construction of phase I and phase II has completed three buildings and two platform libraries. A total of seven steel structure warehouses and 170000 square meters of site hardening will be built in the third phase of the project this year. At present, seven steel structure warehouses have been completed, two have been put into use, and the road hardening work is being stepped up.

The logistics distribution center of Northwest international logistics park covers an area of 258 mu, with a total construction area of 70000 square meters. It has 30000 square meters of less than carload logistics warehouse, 15000 square meters of express and express logistics warehouse and 5000 square meters of commercial supermarket distribution warehouse. After the completion of the project, a professional warehousing and logistics distribution center integrating commercial supermarket distribution, warehouse distribution and logistics distribution will be formed, which is the largest logistics distribution center in Yili River Valley

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