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5000 ton refrigerated warehouse under customs supervision

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5000 ton refrigerated warehouse under customs supervision

Project background: The project is a the Belt and Road customs logistics port supervision cold storage. The first phase is designed to build 5000 tons, and the second phase is designed to build 100000 tons. It covers an area of 220 hectares. The project is a railway port serving international and domestic cold chain logistics food transit warehouse, and a cold storage for storing fruits and vegetables, various kinds of meat and seafood is designed. The construction period of Phase I is 1 year, and the cold storage of this project is installed and commissioned by our company.

Phase I 5000 ton cold storage, with an area of 4500 square meters and a height of 9 meters, is equipped with refrigeration area, refrigeration area, receiving and shipping area, buffer area and other functions. Our company provides the insulation board, cold storage door and Freon refrigeration unit of the cold storage

Control system and pipeline commissioning. The project was delivered to the customer after 3 months of construction. The following are the on-site implementation pictures


We are specialized in building various cold storage projects for customers, providing engineering construction under 10000 tons for a single project, cold storage scheme design, material supply, on-site installation guidance, after-sales service, etc. It has been exported to 20 countries and regions in the world. Please contact us if there are large-scale cold storage projects. kvjv@kvjv.com

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