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Introduction to the 3000 square meter fruit preservation cold storage project:

Introduction to the 3000 square meter fruit preservation cold storage project:This project is a cold storage construction project with an area of 3000 square meters and a height of 6 meters.Build a 3000 square meter fruit and vegetable refrigeration and preservation warehouse in the existing steel s HOWCOOL specializes in providing various cold storage engineering projects, including design, construction, and installation. And exported to various parts of the world. We can provide cold storage projects with a single project capacity of less than 10000 tons, with temperatures ranging from+20 ℃ to -80 ℃. We can build various export projects for food refrigeration, fruit and vegetable preservation, seafood quick freezing, cold chain logistics, etc.

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1500 ㎡ Agricultural products Center low temperature refrigeration freezer project

Construction period: 30 days Customer profile: To meet the production and operation needs: the cold warehouse 1500 ㎡, loading area about 240m², cold storage planning for a variable temperature range is the rest of the freezer mainly meet the surrounding agricultural products market, cold storage fiv

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7500 Square Meters of Low-temperature Cold Storage

Construction of a 10000 ton low-temperature logistics cold storage projectBackground: The client is mainly engaged in logistics and warehousing business, and the main cold storage built this time is to provide ice cream storage for ice cream cold beverage factories. Provide on-site installation and

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Pakistan cold storage project

Pakistan Chashma Nuclear Power Station Cold Storage ProjectProject background: According to the procurement requirements of the Chinese government, our company provides refrigeration equipment for the project, which is produced and shipped in China, and delivered to the site after arriving at the po

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4000t cold chain logistics cold storage project completed

Project background: The customers are mainly engaged in cold chain logistics, mainly engaged in cold chain transportation of food between major cities. The construction project is to build a logistics cold storage of 4000 tons, with a construction area of 3500 square meters and a cold storage height

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Beef and mutton freezer project 10000T

Project background: A meat freezer is built in the large agricultural product market, with an inventory of 10000 tons, mainly for the storage of mutton and beef. The temperature of cold storage is - 18~- 25 ℃. The cold storage adopts single-layer steel structure, polyurethane insulation board, screw

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