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7500 Square Meters of Low-temperature Cold Storage

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Construction of a 10000 ton low-temperature logistics cold storage project

Background: The client is mainly engaged in logistics and warehousing business, and the main cold storage built this time is to provide ice cream storage for ice cream cold beverage factories. Provide on-site installation and debugging services in existing buildings by adding insulation panels, doors, ground insulation, concrete, refrigeration equipment, shelves, power supplies, and other equipment.

This project covers an area of 7500 square meters and has a height of 9 meters. The temperature of the cold storage is -18~-25 ℃. The transformer renovation takes 3 months. The project does not include buildings, and the entire investment budget is approximately 2.8 million US dollars.

The following are some pictures of the scene.

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 Design of Large Cold StorageCold storage design quotation

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