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1500 ㎡ Agricultural products Center low temperature refrigeration freezer project

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Construction period: 30 days

Customer profile:

To meet the production and operation needs: the cold warehouse 1500 ㎡, loading area about 240m², cold storage planning for a variable temperature range is the rest of the freezer mainly meet the surrounding agricultural products market, cold storage five 75mm polyurethane insulation board double 0.5mm color steel, B1 fire resistance level. Refrigeration mode using aluminum pipe coil, cold storage temperature requirements-18℃

Project Overview:

1. The refrigeration equipment of the low temperature refrigerated refrigeration warehouse project adopts Italian imported Fracold brand low temperature screw refrigeration unit + high temperature piston unit (supporting installation accessories) cooling capacity of low temperature screw refrigeration unit: 110KW~140KW / 60 kW, -25℃ / 36℃ electric power: 55KW, 380V high temperature piston machine cooling capacity: 60 kW electric power: 17KW, 380V Jiangsu Qianchuan evaporation is condenser heat dissipation 540 kW electric power 4KW;

2, Zhejiang Gaoxiang air cooler c (ceiling type) nominal evaporation area 200 ㎡ cooling capacity: 35KW air capacity: 24000 m3/h electric power: 2.2KW using the Beidou brand pressure vessel, Danfoss solenoid valve control level, horizontal barrel pump unit cooling capacity: 737kw volume: 4m3 shielding pump power: 6.5kw;

3. The purpose of the freezer project is mainly to meet the design objectives such as high refrigeration effect, low operation cost, safety and reliability, high utilization rate and low maintenance cost.

4.The project was completed on December 30,2020, and has been delivered to customers for use.





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