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Tangerine 1000m3 cold storage (QUZHOU) construction solution study case

Requirements: Our client estimate to build 1000 m3 CA. Cold storage for store Tangerine, which include 2 CA. Cold storage and 1 cold room. Temperature range: 0~5℃. Duration requirement: one month.Project material: PU-150 double side of steels insulation panels, refrigeration equipment: Compeland scr

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6000 cubic meter CA. Cold storage study case(XINJIANG)

The name of project: 6000 cubic meter CA. Cold storage(0-5℃) The dimensions of CA. Cold storage: 47.2m*34.8m*3.5m; Storage area:1643m2 /5749m3 . Divide into 6 rooms: Each of room is 11.8m*17.4m*3.5m, 205m2 / 229m3 .(Due to the the limitation of controlled Atmosphere cold storage equipment, the volum

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49,500 Cubic meter food processing Cold storage solution & construction

Category: food processing storage Scope of the the project: First Stage 19,500m³; Second stage 30,000m³Duration: First stage: 60days; Second stage: 60days Introduction of the project: First stage: completely new cold storage construction project, which were include 19,500m³ Automated state temperatu

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Canton 5,000 cubic meter e-commerce cold storage solution & construction

Project requirement:1. Client estimate to build two set of cold storage: temperature range(0~4℃),(8~12℃);2. PC Center controlled management;3. Select energy saving solution, under budget control.4. Satisfy user requirement standard(USD) documents. Introduction of the project 1. 1#(0~4℃) the dimensio

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JIANGSU 22600 Cubic meter Intentional logistics harbour cold storage project (insulation & refrigeration study case)

Project Location: JIANGSU Project category: Agricultural products cold &freezer cold storage Duration: 70 days (estimate 65days,saving 5 days labour cost) Project general situation: our client was the general contractor of the project, respond for the whole project construct. thus our HOWCOOL team

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WanYuan City 2,300 cubic meter Food cold storage project construction solution

Requirements: 1. our client estimate to build seven cold storage in total, total area 468 ㎡/ Volume:2340m³ , which includes 2 of freezer room(-18℃),3 of Cold storage(0-5℃), 2 of CA cold storage(0-5℃), temperature adjusted.2. PC Center controlled management;3. Select energy saving solution, under bud

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