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Cold storage technology

  • Construction period: 30 days Customer profile: To meet the production and operation needs: the cold warehouse 1500 ㎡, loading area about 240m², cold storage planning for a variable temperature range is the rest of the freezer mainly meet the surrounding agricultural products market, cold storage fiv


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  • Customers of Tianjin - 5000 tons low-temperature cold storage project: mainly used for the refrigeration of goods in Tianjin Port. Project information: 5000 ton cold storage, covering an area of 2500 square meters, is 75 meters long, 20 meters wide, 10 meters high, and the design temperature is - 18-25 degrees Celsius. structure We mainly build insulation boards, doors, refrigeration systems, electric control systems and remote monitoring systems for customers.


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  • The definition of a Blaster freezer is a cold storage, which continuously make products get though its ice crystal formation in a short time under the low temperature condition, for instance ≦ -20℃. The temperature of a Blaster freezer should base on the specific product, in order to get product fr


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  • Generally, a cold storage or warehouse, which the room requires temperature could be divided into four parts:Insulation parts, Compressor unit, Expansion valve, Evaporator( mostly air cooler).In our article, we are talking about the budget of cold storage, thus we should separate our budget into two


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