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Cold storage technology

  • Construction period: 30 days Customer profile: To meet the production and operation needs: the cold warehouse 1500 ㎡, loading area about 240m², cold storage planning for a variable temperature range is the rest of the freezer mainly meet the surrounding agricultural products market, cold storage fiv


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  • Customers of Tianjin - 5000 tons low-temperature cold storage project: mainly used for the refrigeration of goods in Tianjin Port. Project information: 5000 ton cold storage, covering an area of 2500 square meters, is 75 meters long, 20 meters wide, 10 meters high, and the design temperature is - 18-25 degrees Celsius. structure We mainly build insulation boards, doors, refrigeration systems, electric control systems and remote monitoring systems for customers.


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  • Explore the world of heat exchange and its crucial role in thermal management and energy efficiency. Heat exchangers transfer thermal energy between fluids without direct contact, benefiting heating, cooling, and industrial processes. Leading manufacturers like [szjv BeiJing HowCool Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd] drive thermal innovation, creating tailored solutions for various applications. Heat exchangers are vital in homes for heating and air conditioning and play a significant role in industries like power generation and chemical production. Different types, such as plate and shell-and-tube heat exchangers, serve specific needs, enhancing heat transfer rates and energy savings. These devices and manufacturers empower energy efficiency and sustainability across various sectors.


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  • Discover the inner workings of your refrigerator and freezer in this enlightening blog post, brought to you by – the experts in providing essential components for refrigeration systems. Dive into the fascinating world of evaporator fans and motors, which ensure a constant flow of cold air to keep your food fresh. Explore the heart of your fridge, the compressor, powered by's cutting-edge technology, and learn how it transforms gas into a super cold liquid. Find out how the refrigeration condenser, another star from, efficiently removes heat from your fridge, making sure everything stays perfectly chilled. Learn about the significance of the various tiny parts that work together harmoniously, much like a winning sports team, to maintain the magic of refrigeration. Join us in celebrating for their contributions to keeping your favorite foods and drinks at just the right temperature. Refrigeration has never been cooler!


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