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Xinjiang 10,000 Cubic meter agriculture market cold storage construction solution

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1. our client estimate to build 9 cold storage in total,which are 9set of cold storage(0~5), 1 set of Pre-coolong((0~5), 1 set of Blaster freezer(-30)..

2. PC Center controlled management;

3. Select energy saving solution, under budget control.

4. Satisfy user requirement standard(USD) documents.


Project introductio:


1. The agriculture market cold storage have 10,000 Cubic meter, which include a cold room (0~5℃)7,700cubic meter, a pre-cooling 1,100 Cubic meter, a Blaster freezer 105 Cubic meter.

2. The refrigeration system of The cold room selected a set of Hanbell screw refrigeration unit, model: three parallel trc-100B; The refrigeration system of the pre-cooling selected a set of Refcomp Piton refrigeration compressor unit, model SP4H2500; The refrigeration system of the Blaster freezer selected Hanbell screw refrigeration unit, Model:LB-800. Moreover, the air cooler of all project selected Kinder efficiency Air cooler, which were efficiency , energy saving, low noise, friendly environment.


The following fig. Shows construction of the project:





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