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Refrigeration Engineering of Slaughterhouse Workshop

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Project Background:   Refrigeration Engineering of Slaughterhouse Workshop

The refrigeration project of slaughtering pig factory workshop includes three quick freezing rooms with a temperature of - 40 ° C, an acid discharging room of 0-4 ° C, three processing rooms of 10-15 ° C, a cold storage room of 2000 tons and an area of - 18~- 25 ° C. The whole factory covers an area of 12000 square meters. We use a Freon parallel refrigeration system for the refrigeration process. The insulation board of the cold storage uses three kinds of plates with a thickness of PIR-200 PIR-150 PIR-100 mm. With various control systems, we can accurately control the temperature requirements of each cold room. Make the whole slaughterhouse operate well.

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Freon quick freezing unit、Piston refrigeration unit、Water defrosting


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