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Cold storage project construction plan

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3. The main difficulties and solutions in construction
   must ensure that the refrigerant pipes are absolutely clean, free of impurities and moisture.
   The solution is: ① The selection of materials should be strict. ②Copper hoses below Φ19.05 are purchased in whole bundles to minimize the number of welds. ③ Absolutely guarantee nitrogen shielded welding. ④ The blowing must meet the requirements. ⑤ Vacuuming must meet the requirements. ⑥The Freon refrigerant added into the system adopts American DuPont, French Atto or well-known domestic brands.
4. Engineering protection and methods The
   protection contents are mainly the storage body and the units inside and outside the storage.
   After the library body and the machine in the library are installed, the decorative film is finally removed. Disassemble and assemble the unit outside the library when it is in place.
   All pipelines shall be protected by marking and tying before they are not connected to the internal and external machines.

Section 3. Construction Organization and Labor Plan

1. Organization Chart
  Project Manager Responsibility System:
Technical Person in Charge: Technical Quality Team Material and Equipment Procurement and Supply Team Safety Logistics
Team Group 2.     Project manager
with post responsibility system : it is the entrustment of the company's legal representative on the project. According to the authorization, he is responsible for all the construction organization and leadership of the construction site and the external liaison and coordination work on the project, and the lifelong person in charge of the quality of the construction project.     Technical person in charge: coordinate the project manager in charge of technology and quality management, strengthen the management of the entire construction process, and ensure the realization of quality goals.    Person in charge of construction: assist the project manager in daily construction management, formulate and implement construction period management measures. Ensure that the progress of the project is completed as planned, be responsible for the safety supervision and inspection of the construction site, and lead the on-site civilization.     Technical Quality Group:

In the formulation of small-scale construction plans, the technical problems, quality and other problems of the construction personnel in the construction shall be checked, and the problems such as the technical problems and quality problems in the construction shall be inspected, and the timely detection and resolution shall be carried out, and the concealed acceptance, the intermediate acceptance and the handover acceptance shall be organized. Organize the unpacking and acceptance of equipment and materials, supervise and manage each construction team according to the quality objectives, be responsible for the technical disclosure of the construction team, organize the quality self-inspection during the construction process, and submit a self-inspection report, and be responsible for the quality of the project.
   Material and equipment group:
responsible for the procurement, storage and distribution of various self-purchased main materials and consumables, the procurement and maintenance of various construction machinery and equipment, and the inventory and acceptance of materials entering the site.
   Safety Houqing Security Team: Responsible for various safety production measures, and make safety disclosures for construction personnel entering the site. During the construction process, check the implementation of the safety work of each construction team, and supervise and manage the actual production process of the safety situation. Responsible for various logistical support work and escort the construction of various projects.
   Each professional construction team leader:
Responsible for the implementation of the construction plan formulated according to the requirements and specifications of the drawings.
Setting of temporary facilities:
After entering the site, the construction personnel shall negotiate with the owner to set up various temporary sites according to the actual situation of the site. In order to facilitate the construction of the project and improve the work efficiency, the setting of temporary facilities should be economical and reasonable without affecting the construction.
Section 4 Project Quality Management Guarantee Measures
1. Guarantee Measures for Construction Progress Plan
In the project engineering, our company will appoint project managers with many years of rich experience and ability and various professional engineering engineers to form the project management department. Professional construction personnel also select personnel with rich experience in construction experience. In terms of funds and materials, the company will give the greatest support, and will implement special funds for this project without any compromise, and equip the project with various types of construction machinery and equipment with advanced performance. Measuring instruments and equipment, inspection and testing equipment.  
2. Technical guarantee
   Before construction, formulate various construction plans and technical disclosures. The coverage of the construction plan should be comprehensive and the content should be detailed, accompanied by charts, pictures and texts. To take the initiative to mobilize the enthusiasm of the operation layer to learn the construction plan, the construction method combining flow construction and parallel construction is adopted in the construction. Various advanced construction technologies and construction techniques are used to compress and adjust the duration of the construction process on a flow section to ensure that the entire project duration can be shortened.
3. Construction materials and equipment admission plan
   The admission time of materials and equipment during construction shall be proposed by the relevant personnel of the project management department in advance according to the construction plan and the actual situation of the site. So that material purchasers or equipment suppliers are ready to transport spare materials to the site to ensure smooth and on-time completion.
   The construction captain must lead the team to do the following tasks: adhere to the construction according to the drawings, strictly implement the acceptance specifications, and unify the construction according to the quality inspection and evaluation standards, and take effective measures to remedy the quality problems, so as not to leave behind. Do a good job in quality inspection of each process and make records. If the previous process is unqualified, the construction of the next process cannot be carried out, and the quality is strictly controlled. All staff participate in quality management, and each staff member must ensure the quality of his own work and be responsible for the quality of his own work. All testing tools during construction must be inspected, tested and measured before construction, and measuring instruments of unmeasured measuring tools are not allowed to be brought into the site. Strict quality inspection system, implement quality one-vote veto and punishment for common quality problems, establish a quality assurance system headed by the project manager, and improve various rules and regulations. On site, after entering the site, care should be taken to keep the materials to avoid unnecessary damage. If the construction personnel find unqualified materials during the construction process, it is forbidden to use them. Construction personnel at all levels shall strictly implement the established installation quality standards, and shall not lower the installation quality standards on their own with the permission of the project manager. Pay attention to the acceptance of various concealed projects. Before concealment, it must be signed by the owner, the supervisor and the professional engineer before concealment. Strengthen group activities, carry out quality competition activities, regularly carry out technical quality training for various types of work, and improve the technical level of construction personnel.
Section 5 Construction Safety Guarantee Measures
1. Management Objectives
(1) During the construction, always implement the work safety work policy of "safety first, prevention first", conscientiously implement the regulations of the State Council, the Ministry of Construction and the safety production management of construction enterprises, and incorporate the safety production work into the construction organization The design and construction management plan closely integrates production safety work with production tasks, ensures the safety and health of construction workers in the production process, strictly prevents all kinds of accidents, and promotes production with safety.
(2) Strengthen safety production management, prevent fatal accidents and ensure that there are no major work-related injuries through organizational implementation, accountability, regular inspection, and serious rectification.
2. Management organization
  (1) The establishment of the "Safety Production Management Committee" headed by the person in charge of production safety of the project management department and attended by persons in charge of production safety of each construction unit organizes and leads the production safety management work at the construction site.
  (2) The main person in charge of the project management department and the person in charge of each construction unit sign a letter of responsibility for production safety, so that the responsibility for production safety is assigned to each person and responsible for each level.
3. Management system
(1) Every project must set up a regular work meeting of the "Safety Production Management Committee", so that there is mobilization before the project, implementation of the project, and summary after the project.
(2) In organizing the construction, it must be ensured that the construction personnel of the project team must have the person in charge of the project on duty at the site, and must not be vacant and out of control.
(3) Strictly implement the technical plans and measures for safety production management on the construction site, and report any problems found in the implementation to the relevant departments in a timely manner. When changing the scheme and measures, it should be implemented after being approved and signed by the leader of the technical competent department of the original design scheme, otherwise no one may change the scheme and measures without authorization.
(4) Establish and implement a safety production technology disclosure system. It is required that each construction project must have a written safety technical disclosure, the safety technical disclosure must be targeted, and the disclosure must be signed by the person to be disclosed.
(5) Establish and implement a safety production inspection system. The project management department organizes a joint inspection every half month with the participation of the safety production leaders of all construction units. If major unsafe hidden dangers are found, the inspection team has the right to issue a shutdown order, and the construction can be started after the hidden dangers are eliminated and approved by the inspection team. .
(6) Establish an acceptance system for mechanical equipment, temporary power facilities and various scaffolding projects after failure. It is strictly forbidden to use without acceptance and unqualified acceptance.
4. Behavior control
(1) Personnel entering the construction site must wear safety clothing, otherwise it will be regarded as illegal.
(2) Those who work at heights above 2 meters and cannot adopt reliable protection design must wear seat belts. Seat belts should be used high and low, not low and high, and should be prevented from swinging and colliding during operation to avoid accidents.
(3) All special types of workers who participate in the on-site construction must hold a certificate and submit a copy of the certificate to the Safety and Civilization Department of the Project Manager Department for the record.

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