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Approximate budget for the 2800 m3 cold storage

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Generally, a cold storage or warehouse, which the room requires temperature could be divided into four partsInsulation parts, Compressor unit, Expansion valve, Evaporator( mostly air cooler).

In our article, we are talking about the budget of cold storage, thus we should separate our budget into two parts: Insulation parts(insulation panels) and refrigeration parts( Compressor unit, Expansion valve, Evaporator etc.). Every cost of cold storage makes different effects of refrigeration qualities, it depends on the qualities of refrigeration equipment and construction solutions of insulation parts. In this case, we made an example to discuss about the budgets in general.


Assume we have a site which is 800 m2, 3.5 m height, the products to store needs temperature:0~5. Insulation parts of it is used to install pentahedral insulation panels(100mm PUF panels) and reinforced concrete as a flooring. Refrigeration system, we equipped two sets of 38HP Emerson scroll compressor unit(CDU) and 8 sets high effective air cooler(DL-125 air cooler). After calculation of the budget to build a such cold storage takes 450,000-500,000RMB(70,000-77,000 USD).


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