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7,000 cubic meter cold storage project of a Tianjin food industry company

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Project introduction

The project located in China Tianjin square of Xiqing, the whole project divided into three rooms, The project has Approximate 7,000 cubic meter, which contains, 3,100 cubic meter martial Cold storage room, 3,400 cubic meter freezer room, and 300 cubic meter final product Blast freezer.

Introduction of the project solutions

1) Refrigeration system of the project contains BITZER two parallel screw compressor refrigeration unit, which have large cooling capacity, relatively low price(with most competitive price) , reliable safety. Further more, LU-VE air cooler were working for the whole project, which makes the storage has faster cooling rate, cool down the temperature evenly.

2) The insulation martial:

We install the PUF-150mm double slide steel panel in the freezer rooms and the Blaster freezer room as an insulation layer to prevent heat loss. To use the PUF-120mm double slide steel panel in the cold storage room. Insulation panel are generally used in temp. Controlled environment, which are environment friendly, highly energy saving, and fire protection, etc.  The temperature control system is highly functioned for the cold storage, which adjusted the temperature Automatically, and also have functions of: Temperature and humidity alarm, data recording, mobile client monitoring, etc.

Duration: 35-40 working days.

The following fig. Shows construction of the project:




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