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2,420 Cubic meter Explosion-proof Battery Cold Storage solution

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Project category: Explosion-proof Cold Storage

Project Location: Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan.

Project duration: 120 days


Project requirement: Our client estimate to build Explosion-proof Battery Cold Storage in Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan three separate cities to store the Batteries. To Cobain with the production of our client, HOWCOOL Design team basis on decades experience to provide most competitive solution, and won the project in the end.


Introduction of the project


1. All three Cold Storage are Explosion-proof Cold Storage, in this case, the flooring of the Explosion-proof cold storage was made by: SBS water-proof layer, XPS board, PE layer, reinforce concrete layer(C30)+Anti-static floor in the end, in order to archive the Explosion-proof and temperature controlled requirement.

2. Shenzhou cold storage is divided into three rooms, the area is 600, 6m height,each of room is 200 . Zhengzhou cold storage is 1375in total, 6m height as well, Taiyuan cold storage is 446, 3m height. Temperature range:10~15.

3. Project were using Box type refrigeration compressor unit, this type of unit have following advantage: : higher cooling capacity, relative low price, higher safety function,etc.Each room installs high efficient air cooler, which has low noise, long distance of wind path, highly cooling rate, etc. As advantages of cooler.







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