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Jamaica —— 3500 tons cryogenic cold storage project

Customer Background: Customers are mainly engaged in food cold chain logistics storage. Our company has built 3500 tons of cold storage for them. Contracting mode: thermal insulation + refrigeration equipment + shelf + electric forklift general contracting engineering design temperature:  – 18 ~ – 25 ℃

Construction time: 90 days

cryogenic-cold-storage-project2 cryogenic-cold-storage-project4 cryogenic-cold-storage-project7
cryogenic-cold-storage-project8 cryogenic-cold-storage-project10 cryogenic-cold-storage-project1
Fresh-Flower-cold-storage08 Fresh-Flower-cold-storage02 Fresh-Flower-cold-storage06
service-2 Fresh-Flower-cold-storage01 cryogenic-cold-storage-project13
cryogenic-cold-storage-project15 cryogenic-cold-storage-project14 cryogenic-cold-storage-project16
Fresh-Flower-cold-storage1 Fresh-Flower-cold-storage Fresh-Flower-cold-storage7
Fresh-Flower-cold-storage4 Fresh-Flower-cold-storage5 Fresh-Flower-cold-storage2
Fresh-Flower-cold-storage11 Fresh-Flower-cold-storage10 cryogenic-cold-storage-project3

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