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Construction of 6000 square meters cold storage project

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Customer profile: The project builder is mainly engaged in medical device compliance supply chain solutions. Provide compliant warehousing services, cold chain transportation services, etc.

Project description: The project of this construction is located in Beijing, with standardized platform warehouse. Fire fighting and buildings themselves are standardized building conditions. This time, it will be reconstructed into a shady and cool warehouse and a refrigerated warehouse with a temperature range of - 18~- 25 ℃, 2-8 ℃, 15-25 ℃ and 0-30 ℃. The humidity shall be controlled between 35-75%. Our company is responsible for all works within the temperature range.

Technical points: the whole area is a 1-storey steel structure building, with a single floor area of 6000 square meters, and the refrigeration equipment is installed on the ground outside. The comprehensive project is required to conform to the national standards, the refrigeration unit is one for use and one for standby, the indoor temperature is ± 2 degrees, and the probe accuracy in the 2-8 degrees warehouse is ± 0.1 degrees,

Temperature control system: The refrigeration control system is controlled by PLC, with centralized management of all temperature control sections, manual, automatic and remote management as a whole, over temperature alarm and data query and printing functions.

Temperature monitoring system: independent temperature monitoring system is adopted for all temperature storage areas to monitor temperature changes in each room in real time and send real-time temperature data to the company's monitoring platform and remote management users.

Project time: The project was delivered to the customer after nearly 3 months of construction.

Conclusion: In the reconstruction of conventional general warehouses into medical refrigerators, shade warehouses and freezers, first, we should pay attention to the compliance of the original buildings, second, the safety of the structure of the building itself. For medical refrigerators, the tidiness of the surrounding environment, the matching of power supplies, and the location noise of refrigeration equipment installation are all factors that will affect the cost of the reconstruction of ordinary warehouses.

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