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1500 tons cold chain logistics center project

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Project Name: 1500 tons  Cold Chain Logistics Center Project

Customer introduction: Customers are mainly engaged in the cold chain logistics warehousing and distribution business 。

The project covers an area of 1500 square meters and has a height of 5 meters.

It is mainly divided into 10-20 degrees, 2-8 ℃, -18~25 ℃,-45 ℃ and ultra-low temperature -60-70 ℃. Mainly store all kinds of imported Cold chain  products.

Cold Storage Project: We have constructed a 1500 square cold chain center for the company. We have adopted a completely independent one-off standby refrigeration system, two-way power supply (standby generator), over-temperature monitoring system and 24-hour temperature recording data. The cold storage meets the GMP GSP certification requirements. The construction time of the project is 90 days

Biomedical-Cold-Chain-Logistics-Center-Project03 Biomedical-Cold-Chain-Logistics-Center-Project02
Biomedical-Cold-Chain-Logistics-Center-Project05 Biomedical-Cold-Chain-Logistics-Center-Project08
Biomedical-Cold-Chain-Logistics-Center-Project06 Biomedical-Cold-Chain-Logistics-Center-Project09
Biomedical-Cold-Chain-Logistics-Center-Project01 Biomedical-Cold-Chain-Logistics-Center-Project18
Biomedical-Cold-Chain-Logistics-Center-Project21 Biomedical-Cold-Chain-Logistics-Center-Project24

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